Hello! I’m Caroline and I am the hands and heart behind Lina Lulu Paperie.

Since I was a little girl I loved the art form of letters and combining it with beautiful paper. After I completed my degree in Visual Art and Graphic Design, I furthered my skills with formal calligraphy training and fell in love all over again with written letter forms. Lina Lulu Paperie was born out of a passion becoming a profession. Calligraphy has become the heart of my business! From beautiful addressed envelopes, to invitations, all the way to the signature drink sign at the bar—your invitations and calligraphy touches will “wow” your guests and give you all the good feels!

I offer a variety of paper goods, calligraphy and signs for weddings, events, and everyday use. When not in the studio, you can find me exploring the Chicago area with my husband, Reid and friends, or at home enjoying a good TV show or playing a boardgames with our kitty-cat, Italics.

I get quite a few questions about my business name and where it comes from and I love to tell people it is apart of my name. My parents gave me the nickname as a little girl “Lina Lu” or “Lulu”. When thinking through business names, I had a lot of fun ones come to mind but I loved the idea of using something unique and personal to me. Pronounced layh-nah loo-loo pey-per-ee, I often get asked if my full name in Lina or Lulu (which it’s not) but I love that I get to explain why both nick names mean so much to me.

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To bring beauty and encouragement by elevating others stories’ through the art of letter forms and stationery .
— Lina Lulu Paperie, Mission Statement